please help Emma & Pete recover from their robbery

As you may already know, my dear UK friends, the beautiful & talented husband and wife team over at Emma Case Photography suffered a huge robbery a few days ago- cleaning them out of their computers, car and all photography gear. They have spent the past few days working with their insurance companies to attempt to re-build everything they have lost, but will barely be able to recover some of the costs required to get their business back on track. Emma & Pete are some of my favorite people on earth, they have the most giant hearts and sweet souls and have truly worked their asses off building their dreams and creating their beautiful work.

Emma and I became across-the-pond besties a couple of years ago when she started her wedding photography business and since then I have shot their engagement session AND she was a special guest lecturer at my London workshop last September. When I say these people are golden, I really mean it… (Clearly, I love them: The video that Son of Shark Pig shot of us at our London workshop last year can be seen HERE.)

If you can donate a dollar or a pound or anything more, it will really help them get back on track and put the pieces back together. You can read all about the robbery on Emma’s blog HERE… and you can help by going HERE, or by clicking the image below. OR, please help by simply spreading the word via social media!

** A HUGE thank you to the very sweet people over at The Weaver House for offering to set this up and so quickly putting this donation site together! You are so kind and your efforts will come back at you a thousand fold for being the thoughtful and wonderful people that you are!!!! xo

With a simple click on the image below, I just donated safely and all the funds go straight to Emma’s Paypal account. (ps: Emma & Pete, sorry for going behind your backs with all this- but not really… we LOVE you).

  • April 12, 2012 - 7:46 am

    Mario Caputa - Great photography. I’m a big fun.

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