old family photos

My mom just sent me those photos of her parents. I never met them. Grandfather Ramish was lost in the war, and Grandmother Olga passed away in her fifties. They were Russian/ Romanian.

I simply cannot get over how gorgeous they were. They seem so intensely in love and passionate about each other too. My grandmother Olga was a fashion designer and her specialty was millinery! She loved hats, collected them, made them, and was usually found to be wearing a fabulous one… She was quiet the fashionista! She made all of her own clothes too. Check her out below, prancing around with her doggie and a feather in her hat! She was always known to be dressed meticulously from head to toe anytime she was in public. Her outfits were to die for. And Ramish, my grandfather the caricature artist. What a gorgeous man: tall, handsome, and those eyes! I bet he swept her off her little feet. I wish I would have known them…

These photos are particularly close to my heart.
Here they are: Ramish & Olga in all of their glory.

And my beautiful mother Raya when she was just a little baby! Olga made mom’s clothes too… Look at that little coat! Adorable.

  • May 23, 2012 - 8:26 am

    my grandmother Olga, the fashionista | the feather love photography blog - […] This photograph below, taken somewhere in Russia/Romania, is my favorite of her & my stylish grandfather- the handsome Ramish (who was a caricature artist)- prancing around the streets with their little dog. (** the feather in her hat! **) I posted and entire blog with images of them back in early 2009 HERE. […]

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